WUU Updater - Addon updater

WUU was updated and it now works with wowui.incgamers.com. They also fixed the problem with CurseGaming and WoWInterface. CurseGaming will check the versions but you will need to download the files and then update from file.

I have missed having this since 3.1 and it is very nice to have it again.

WUU - WoW UI Updater
# 1.9.633 (2009.04.21):

* Libraries: The Windows build is now based on Python 2.6.2 (should fix the "side-by-side" error) and wxPython
* Bugfix: Fixed DeprecationWarning messages in Windows version
* Feature: Install from URL for the "new" Curse
* New site: wowui.incgamers.com
* Feature: Update multiple selected (Curse-only) addons from files
* Site change: Old WoWAce code removed, support for new WoWAce site added
* Bug fix: Some missing progress bars were added
* Feature: Added option to delete downloaded file after successful install

# 1.9.615 (2009.04.19):

* Site fix: CurseGaming - semi-automatic updates
* Site fix: WoWInterface
* Site fix: Deadly Boss Mods