Dream Shards - Prices to increase?

Just My Two Copper: Dream Shards Are Getting Rarer... Patch 3.1 - A World of Warcraft Economic Blog
So, here's my thinking for Patch 3.1 and I'm already starting to see it with dream shards currently. Here's why I think the supply of dreamshards has hit an all time low:

* There's no content in the game past 5 mans that drops blue loot.
* There are no items in the game worth disenchanting that frequently drop dream shards.
* Players have been buying enchanting mats for months while dream shards were slowly dissappearing from guild banks.

Markco from justmytwocopper is speculating that the prices of Dream Shards will increase in 3.1. He was not correct in 3.0, will be be correct now?

What do you think?