3.1 Pre weekend results

It has been a great week so far.  On release night I sold glyphs faster than I could put them up.  My server was more shaky than others so it slowed down after an hour - but the sales continue.  I made 3-4k gold on the first night and my inscriptionist only knows about 1/2 the glyphs. I made 20 [Shifting Twilight Opal]s and they all sold for around 20g(first 5 sold for 40g) - I got the gems pretty much for nothing. My [Pristine Black Diamond]s sold for 25g each and I bought them for 20s-1g each. I sold about 20 of these. My [Black Diamond]s sold for 5g each at first, and then slowed down. I bought them for 1sp-10sp each. I am guessing they will keep selling slowly as more people level Jewelcrafting. [Icy Dragonscale]s have not sold many of those since the patterns have not dropped for them yet. I am hoping today the server is more stable and that I can start unloading them. My twink items are selling at a good pace. I stocked up on [Spider's Silk] and so far I have sold a fair amount of items made from that.

I have paid for my dual specs for four characters and made more money on top of that. I think the Glyph market will be good through the weekend and then it will slow down and eventually settle back to pre 3.1 prices - except for the glyphs learned from Book of Glyph Mastery which will probably maintain a 100g price tag for a while. I have not seen one of these for sale or in the AH.