Naxx 25 Pug Guide

Escape Hatch: How To Run Your Own Awesome Naxx 25 PuG: Part 2: All the Rest
Since top ten lists = most popular thing on the internet, and me = liking the number 10, here are 9 more thingies I think you should do if you want to lead a Naxx 25 pug that is going to mow down the place, clear everything, and give you and your buddies best in slot gear (and inevitably gear up that one guy who keeps getting lucky drops).

This is a nice guide for running a Naxx 25 pug. I found it interesting since I run a raid for my guild and it is kind of a pug. We have another guild we invite (they bring 2-5 people) and then we get the rest off of friends lists, LFG and previous raiders.