3.1 Patch Preparation

Every patch is a change to earn some gold based on the changes. I have been doing a number of things to prepare for the patch due to some things changing and just the way people play.

1. Enchanting Mats - I have a small stockpile of these that I am saving to sell around patch day and the weeks afterward. I think the prices of enchanting mats are too low currently and that they will go up for a while after the patch.

2. [Icy Dragonscale] - These are going to be needed for a lot of the new crafted recipes that drop in Ulduar. I have been buying them up at a price of 1.2g each or less. The best part about this item is that it vendors for 1g so if this investment does not work I will not lose much.

3. [Black Diamond] and [Pristine Black Diamond] - Black Diamonds are dirt cheap on my server and will be used in a new JCing recipe. Pristine Black Diamonds are needed for raising a reputation to get the title "The Insane". There will be quite a few people wanting to do this.

4. Gems - I thinks gems will be going up in price after the patch. Even with the incoming epic gems, those epic gems are unique equipped and only drop from a fishing quest so each character can only have 1 of these equipment. With all the new equipment that is going in Uldaur and more casuals leveling up, gem prices should go up or remain steady.

Are you doing any preparation for 3.1 and if so what are you doing?