Low Level Cloth

Time is Money: Low-level cloth

While any cloth is worth farming, there are two types in particular, wool and mageweave, that fetch a high price. This is because, compared to the other types of cloth, they have a short window of appearance when leveling. Depending on how often you linger when questing, you practically jump straight from linen to silk, and from silk to runecloth.

To add to this, Blizzard has increased the speed at which we level, and even added bind on account shoulder armor that speeds us up even more. You can even Recruit-a-Friend for an unprecedented bonus.

The advent of achievements has also increased the demand for cloth, as people are eager to earn reputation, become pirates and then buddy up to the goblins again, and maximize professions. So how can you best take advantage of this market?

This article gives you some locations to farm for these kinds of cloth - works really well when you are an enchanter and can DE all the BoP items you can find from the bosses in the instances too.  Don't forget to see if there are any sellable items that you could make instead of selling the cloth as well.  Sometimes these make more money than just selling the cloth.  If the items you can create with the cloth don't sell, you can also DE them.

Making money with Inscription

Inscription Glyph & Market
Guest Post: Inscription & Glyph Market
This money making tip is about selling glyphs, not darkmoon cards, which is not a bad method of profiting also. Gevlon from Greedy Goblin also loves the glyph industry.

Inscription Glyph & Market II

Guest Post: Inscription & Glyph Market II
Let’s take a look at another perspective on the Glyph market, many of our readers found the previous guest post on glyphs to have non-typical results. Here is a more conservative and in-depth look into the market.
Two different articles on making money with inscription.  With dual specs coming out now seems like a great time to take a look at making some money on it.  After 3.1 cools off, there could be less glyph purchases given the people who only switch between two specs will not need new glyphs.

Small DPS decrease for Feral Druids in patch

Patch 3.1.0 - PTR Build 9733

Patch 3.1.0 - PTR Build 9733
Glyph Changes

* Glyph of Survival Instincts - Your Survival Instincts ability grants an additional 10% of your maximum health.
* Glyph of Savage Roar - Your Savage Roar ability grants an additional 3% bonus damage done. (Down from 6%)
Class Spell Changes
* Primal Gore doesn't affect Rake anymore.
* Revitalize now gives your Rejuvenation and Wild Growth spells have a 5/10/15% chance to restore 8 Energy, 4 Rage, 1% Mana or 16 Runic Power per tick. (Old - No info on the % in the tooltip)

This will lower the DPS buff druids are receiving. It seemed to be a little much with druids pulling in 7k DPS when it should probably be around 6k with Best in Slot gear from pre 3.1 WoW.

Getting another tanking Glyph is very nice though.  Glad Blizzard is looking at the glyphs and trying to figure out how to provide enough of them for druids.

Old Flasks safe for 3.1 patch

World of Warcraft - English (NA) Forums -> Change to Flasks in 3.1.0
* Change to Flasks in 3.1.0
As many of you have learned, we will be reducing the duration of flask effects so that they only last one hour. However, all recipes that create flasks will create two instead of one for the same material cost. Additionally, we will be increasing stack size from 5 to 20 as we anticipate players will need to carry more flasks at a given time. Vendor value for flasks has also been reduced to keep the auction house deposit low.

Our goal with the change was to allow players greater flexibility when determining how long they plan to raid, as currently we were seeing many players balance time spent raiding around flask duration. We also anticipate that this change will make using flasks in dungeons and battlegrounds a more reasonable decision for players. Though this change will not occur until patch 3.1.0, we wanted to give as much advance notice as possible in case some of you who are stockpiling flasks would prefer to wait to do so until the change is implemented.

We realize players who currently have stockpiled a lot of flasks may feel like they will lose money with this change, since their current flasks will only last for half as long once 3.1.0 goes live. To partially remedy this, we are going to allow players to exchange any current Northrend flasks (Flask of the Frost Wyrm, Flask of Stoneblood, Flask of Endless Rage and Flask of Pure Mojo) for two flasks with the shorter duration. Flasks from older content will not be grandfathered in, and going forward, it will only be possible to make the flasks with a one hour duration.

If you have any Flask supplies worry not, Blizzard has made a solution to the change. Each current Northrend flask can be exchanged for two flasks with shorter duration.
So if you are going to use those flasks, keep them. If not, sell them when the price is right.

Complete the Cheese For Glowergold Daily Cooking Quest

3 Easy Ways to Complete the Cheese For Glowergold Daily Cooking Quest
Thanks to Wowenomics for providing this tip.  This cooking daily is often very frustrating because there are 10 people standing around trying to get the wine.

Places to get the wine:

  1. Near the quest giver
  2. In the cheese shop
  3. In the sewer
By doing these quests you can either sell the [Northern Spices] on the AH (Wowhead lists these as 5g average) or you can get the meat and cook up one of the many foods to resell.

Making money while waiting for Naxxramas Raid to begin

I have found that sometimes people just stand around while the Naxxramas raid is about to begin.  They fly around on their giant mounts around the summoning stone making it hard to summon and waste time and money.  There are some things that one could do while waiting around and you could still be close to the raid for when it begins.

1. Kreug Oathbreaker - Thanks to Markcos blog post

Just My Two Copper: Kreug's Sword - Easy Quick Wow Gold - A World of Warcraft Economic Blog
Kreug Oathbreaker just outside of Naxx drops a 6 gold gray sword 43% of the time. Combined with his chance to drop up to 7 frostweave cloth makes him a worthwhile kill on the way to your nightly raid.
This is a quick check for a fast 6 gold as long as you can kill him.

2. Farming Ice Revenants - These are great to farm because they drop [Crystallized Water] - which is used in 20 recipes, and they create [Eternal Water] - which is used in 56 different recipes.  You can sell these on the AH or even better use them to craft items to sell on the AH.  They also drop a lot of grays which can be sold.

3. Farming Meat and Skinning - You are going to be using some food during your raid so you might as well farm some while waiting if you need it.  You get a bonus if you are skinner too. [Chunk O' Mammoth] is easy to farm with some groups of Mammoths that wander around the Wyrmrest Temple.  [Worm Meat] is also not too hard to find. Up in the north there are a lot of worms by the Crystal Vice that drop the meat 50% of the time.

4. Fishing - A great item can be fished in this zone. [Dragonfin Angelfish] can be fished in some areas in the zone (map) and it makes the some of the best stat food. Strength and Agility food is made from these.

These four things provide something anyone can do while sitting around waiting for a raid to start in the Dragonblight. What do you do when you are waiting for a raid to start?

Guru's Elixir tip from WoWenomics

There is a great post on WoWenomics on a tip on making money with Alchemy.

Hot Item of the Week- Guru’s Elixir « WoWenomics

Making these only takes [Pygmy Oil] from the [Pygmy Suckerfish] you get while fishing.

These are usually very cheap on the AH since they often are fished up with the other fish. [Guru's Elixir]
usually sell for more.

World of Warcraft Gold Money Making

After having read multiple blogs for a few months on the subject I decided I wanted to create a blog in which I could discuss my gold making ideas and strategies, and also to keep track of blog posts that I found interesting and would like to read again later.  This will include blog posts that might not be about making gold in WoW.  If you only want to see those posts you can view posts with the Gold label, Gold Making Strategies

Currently I have made about 25k gold in the last 8 weeks - I have spent some of it on gear and investments.  Currently I am at around 9k gold on Amorob, with another 2.5k spread throughout my other characters.