HOW TO - Using LilSparky's Workshop to earn gold with tradeskills

  1. Download and install the addon. Download LilSparky's Workshop
  2. Use one of the supported auction house scanners (Auctioneer, AuctionLite, AuctionMaster, KC_Items/AuctionSpy) to scan the prices at the auction house.
  3. Log on to a character with a trade skill you would like to make money with.
  4. Click on the first column as seen in the image below until the tooltip says using best prices.
  5. Look through the items you can create.  The number on the right indicates how much an item costs to create.  The one on the left indicates how much it will sell/vendor/DE etc for.  If you find an item with low cost mats and high selling price you should consider making them and reselling them.

Does anyone else have other addons they use like this one which makes earning gold at the auction house easier?