Making money with Inscription

Inscription Glyph & Market
Guest Post: Inscription & Glyph Market
This money making tip is about selling glyphs, not darkmoon cards, which is not a bad method of profiting also. Gevlon from Greedy Goblin also loves the glyph industry.

Inscription Glyph & Market II

Guest Post: Inscription & Glyph Market II
Let’s take a look at another perspective on the Glyph market, many of our readers found the previous guest post on glyphs to have non-typical results. Here is a more conservative and in-depth look into the market.
Two different articles on making money with inscription.  With dual specs coming out now seems like a great time to take a look at making some money on it.  After 3.1 cools off, there could be less glyph purchases given the people who only switch between two specs will not need new glyphs.