Making money while waiting for Naxxramas Raid to begin

I have found that sometimes people just stand around while the Naxxramas raid is about to begin.  They fly around on their giant mounts around the summoning stone making it hard to summon and waste time and money.  There are some things that one could do while waiting around and you could still be close to the raid for when it begins.

1. Kreug Oathbreaker - Thanks to Markcos blog post

Just My Two Copper: Kreug's Sword - Easy Quick Wow Gold - A World of Warcraft Economic Blog
Kreug Oathbreaker just outside of Naxx drops a 6 gold gray sword 43% of the time. Combined with his chance to drop up to 7 frostweave cloth makes him a worthwhile kill on the way to your nightly raid.
This is a quick check for a fast 6 gold as long as you can kill him.

2. Farming Ice Revenants - These are great to farm because they drop [Crystallized Water] - which is used in 20 recipes, and they create [Eternal Water] - which is used in 56 different recipes.  You can sell these on the AH or even better use them to craft items to sell on the AH.  They also drop a lot of grays which can be sold.

3. Farming Meat and Skinning - You are going to be using some food during your raid so you might as well farm some while waiting if you need it.  You get a bonus if you are skinner too. [Chunk O' Mammoth] is easy to farm with some groups of Mammoths that wander around the Wyrmrest Temple.  [Worm Meat] is also not too hard to find. Up in the north there are a lot of worms by the Crystal Vice that drop the meat 50% of the time.

4. Fishing - A great item can be fished in this zone. [Dragonfin Angelfish] can be fished in some areas in the zone (map) and it makes the some of the best stat food. Strength and Agility food is made from these.

These four things provide something anyone can do while sitting around waiting for a raid to start in the Dragonblight. What do you do when you are waiting for a raid to start?