Low Level Cloth

Time is Money: Low-level cloth

While any cloth is worth farming, there are two types in particular, wool and mageweave, that fetch a high price. This is because, compared to the other types of cloth, they have a short window of appearance when leveling. Depending on how often you linger when questing, you practically jump straight from linen to silk, and from silk to runecloth.

To add to this, Blizzard has increased the speed at which we level, and even added bind on account shoulder armor that speeds us up even more. You can even Recruit-a-Friend for an unprecedented bonus.

The advent of achievements has also increased the demand for cloth, as people are eager to earn reputation, become pirates and then buddy up to the goblins again, and maximize professions. So how can you best take advantage of this market?

This article gives you some locations to farm for these kinds of cloth - works really well when you are an enchanter and can DE all the BoP items you can find from the bosses in the instances too.  Don't forget to see if there are any sellable items that you could make instead of selling the cloth as well.  Sometimes these make more money than just selling the cloth.  If the items you can create with the cloth don't sell, you can also DE them.